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  • Q1. When the patrolling device downloads data, it crashes. In the first two days, it is still OK. However, after a few days, it does not work anymore. A few other devices also have the same problem, can you tell me the reason why?

    (1)This problem once occurred in the plant management office at Suzhou Xingang Property Co. At that time, it was because their device had infected virus. Later, with the assistance of the computer technician to reinstall the system, this problem was solved.
    (2)This problem can be looked at in two cases: if the device crashed in the process of reading, the possibility of hardware problem will not be ruled out. On the contrary, if it has finished reading data and the problem occurs in the process of data storage, it is very likely the software or the computer problem, rather than the hardware problem.
    (3)From the telephone conversation, we learned that they used the model F-19U device but selected F-18/20 when the system set the model of the patrolling device. This will cause errors when data are transferred and likely will cause system resources to be used up leading to device crash. (Note: The F-19U model device is not covered by 1.76 version)
    (4)Another possibility is there is compatibility problem between Summit software and other software. This relies on instincts of the software and then use rule-out method to check and debug in the real operating process.
    We have sent our 2.0.0 version to him and will wait for the result after his trial use.

  • Q2. After removal, the original data are lost. What shall I do?

    When our patrolling software is removed, the installation directory will retain two folders Data01 and DataSys. When the software is reinstalled in the directory, data in these two folders will become valid. Therefore, in general, when the routine is removed, if you do not intentionally delete these two folders installed in the directory, after reinstallation, original data will remain without loss. If your original data has been initialized and has not been backed up, you have to set up again according to the operating manual. Therefore, use care to back up your data before the software is removed.

  • Q3. After removal, why can’t the program be installed?
    A3. Please back up the database under the patrolling software installation directory. Then clear all files and sub-directories under the directory before reinstallation.
  • Q4. The patrol point inner codes are already installed in the patrol line before they have been read. It will be very troublesome removing it to read. Is there any other way to handle it?
    A4. Yes, for detailed information, please refer to the second part of the Patrolling System Operating Manual – Patrol point data editing under Data Editing.
  • Q5. The patrolling device always displays communication errors. Where does the problem come from?
    A5. It is generally the port setup problem. In general, there are only COM1 and COM2 cases. For detailed information, you can find the information about port setup by selecting “Port” at the right column in “My Computer” with right-clicking on → ”Management” → Select ”Equipment Manager”. In there, you can see the port that corresponds to the COM on the patrolling device.
  • Q6. Why doesn’t data store when in sensing?
    A6. Listen careful when in sensing. If a continuous buzzer sound is sent after the key is pressed, generally the data has been stored in for 8000 units, or the battery power is low.
  • Q7. Water ingress occurs when the patrolling device is patrolling, what shall I do?
    A7. Immediately remove batteries and try it again after they are dried with a hair dryer. If it still does not work properly, please send it back to us for inspection and repair.
  • Q8. The time display on my patrolling device is not correct, what shall I do?
    A8. After the patrolling device is connected, double click on a small icon at the lower right corner on the software. Select “Reset the patrolling device”. The time display on the patrolling device will be the same as that set in the computer.
  • Q9. While data can be downloaded to the patrolling device but are not to be stored, what shall I do?
    A9. When data can be downloaded to the patrolling device, this proves that the patrolling device is OK. The problem may be the computer itself or an error occurs when the patrolling software is installed. You can first try to remove the software, and then reinstall it. If the problem persists and software installation has no problems, you can try with another computer. If it works properly on another computer, this proves that the cause is the computer itself.
  • Q10. Does the device withhold dropping?
    A10. Yes, the leather cover supplied with the new device can absorb most of the dropping impact. (It has been tested by dropping from the second floor; it still works properly after the test.)
  • Q11. What are the strengths of our patrolling device against the one used by the customer?
    A11. The patrolling recorder made by Prolink is very compact. It only weights 90g as the size of a mobile phone. Moreover, its price is affordable with the function of complete data searching. Prolink is the original maker, which can provide after-sales complete and convenient maintenance service.
  • Q12. Customer is using another system. Is it compatible with the one of Prolink?
    A12. As long as the frequency is the same, reading is certainly possible.
  • Q13. Is the sensor card (point) easily broken?

    It will not break unless the customer cuts the sensor card (point). The sensor card (point) only contains the antenna and the chip inside. It is pretty durable as its outside surface has a protective film, which can resist oil, water, dirt and high temperature. Besides, if the patrolling route has a change, just remove the sensor card (point), and then you can use it again.