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3D Printer

  • Q1. Cura software cannot connect?

    1.Check that the USB connector between the computer and the 3D printer is inserted properly.
    2.Use the Device Manager to check the 3D printer has been detected (Mega2560 will be amongst the ports). If this is not so, the driver has not been properly installed. Note: the COM port displayed may be different.
    3.Check that power to the 3D printer is on.
    4.Turn the printer off, and on again after about 10-15 seconds.
  • Q2. Impeded flow or no flow from nozzle(Unicorn Series)
    A2. 1.Check that the rotary temperature setting is correct for the material. Different materials require different temperatures.
    2.Use Cura to set the printer temperature.(Carry on if the extruder is still at working temperature.)
    (1)Load the file and click to connect to the printer after the parameters have been set.
    (2)Connected successfully
    (3)After connecting to the printer, set the melting point according to the filament type.
    PLA:Extruder 200~215°,Bed 70° ; ABS:Extruder 245~255°,Bed 100°
    3.The gear and the motor are operating but the filament is not; the diameter of the filament may be too small or the filament may be too smooth to engage with the gear so that feeding is not possible.
    4.Check that the extruder fan is working.
    5.If the motor and gear are normal and ejection is possible, but there is still no flow, the nozzle may be blocked.
    6.How to check if the nozzle is blocked?
    (1) Heat filament to the melting point (ABS: 255°; PLA: 215°)
    (2)Clean with a 0.4mm diameter needle.
  • Q3. Cannot attach to bed?
    A3. 1.Correct 3D printer glue amount(Apply uniformly)
    2.Wrong 3D printer glue amount(Too concentrated)
    3.Z axis is too high and requires to be lowered (refer to the Quick operation guide).
    4.Stains on the surface of the bed may be removed using an alcohol wipe.
    5.Add rafts, using the carving software, if the contact area between the object and the bed is too small.(Rafts are recommended if the XY area is less than 10mm2).
  • Q4. Bed cannot be heated(Unicorn Series).
    A4. 1.If the LED indicators are blue, but the software displays 0℃, the sensor is abnormal. Heating may proceed normally, but the temperature will not be displayed.
    2.If the LED indicators are off, the abnormality requires repair.