Xcapture USB

Product Name : Xcapture USB

Product model : PV-CX850U-F

Product Description

"XCapture USB" brings next generation DVD and Video Maker features. "XCapture USB" has adopted high-speed USB 2.0 Plug-and-play interface and fully compatible for both Desktop and Laptop. Many features are aimed to cater to consumers' enjoyments when using Cyberlink PowerDirector to enjoy capturing video source from VHS, V8, Hi8, etc. and editing the video or still image in Mpeg Formats. PROLINK also offers most products of Capture device compliant with Cyberlink PowerDirector, and the leading product “XCapture USB” is fully compliant with Windows Vista. Creating your unique digital-world on PC or laptop!!
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Excellent Video quality with deinterlace function
Advanced technology of 10 bits A/D resolution(Analog transformed to Digital)
USB technology, which support in the Desktop PC and laptop
- Comprehensive technology for s-video/ Composite Input
- PowerDirector 7 software integrated
- Edits the Video or Still Image in Mpeg Formats
- Captures Video Source from VHS, V8, Hi8, etc.
- One Touch Snapshot funtion
- Suppor Real-Time Video Recording in Mpeg Formats
- Suppor Still Image Capture in BMP format
- External video input: Composite and S-Video
- High speed USB 2.0
- Supports Windows XP/ Vista/Windows 7
- A/V Decoder : Conexant Polaris-CX23102 10-bit video ADCs
- A/V Input : S-Video and Composite input R-L composite input
- Output : USB 2.0
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